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Rideau Canal 175  Years



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I stand by your socks. No pun intended. I am a police officer and they keep my feet comfortable, dry and warm in the winter and comfortable and unsweaty in the summer. Chicago customer Feb 2007

I ordered three pairs late in July and they're just great.Would it be possible to look up what size I ordered in your records and send me the size you sent last time? Ann, Repeat customer ( another 6 pr) from MA , Nov 2006

Hi from England,

We called into the shop a couple of years ago when passing through. Your "Hall of Fame" had caught our sons' attention and we spent a pleasant half hour chatting about hockey. You kindly gave a pair of your wonderful socks to my husband (mind you I pinched them and agree with the testimonials I have read on the web). Louise March 2006

...Michael is in heaven (or at least his feet are). They are great quality and he is so very pleased. It was a pleasure doing business with you guys. Thanks again for all your good service and attention. I'm sure we will be back.

Rita Bridenstine, Oklahoma customer, Feb. 2005

"Just a short note to thank you both for the socks you sent!! I wear socks 'hard' and I found your socks rather amazing! They seem to put a 'spring' into my step (As well as keep cool!) I think I've found the socks that just keep on giving!" E. Pou gift recipient in New Zealand, home of Merino wool!

100% Merino* SOCKS* 100% wool, excluding 3% lycra for body and fit

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you in regards to the naturals brand socks you are selling in your store.

You recommended them to me for the persistent eczema that I have suffered from for years. Now this is going to sound ridiculous to some but I really have to thank you for recommending them to me. I haven't worn socks for longer than I can remember. I have had days where my feet are so painful that I have had to crawl on my hands and knees to go to bed at night, cancel appointments, and not be able to play with my children because my feet just were far to painful to do these every day things most people would take for granted.

I was using some of the strongest ointments to clear it up only to get it back a few days later. I have been wearing these socks since about October of 1999 and have been eczema free since.

I have a godson in England who suffers from the same affliction, and being only 7 years old, well you can imagine the pain the poor little thing went through since I as an adult had problems carrying out my everyday duties.I have sent some over to him and he also has not had an outbreak since he has been wearing them. I know they are labeled as diabetic and arthritic friendly...please try to get the word out to fellow eczema sufferers that these have helped me, and my godson, to the point that we can now lead normal lives again. Again I thank you, I would recommend these to anyone. Sincerely Julie W.

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